Young Romanian Cecilia: I have found my love in France (ENG)

19 years old Romanian Cecilia BOB says that she came to Nevers in the end of October because of the love! Now we are talking together about her life in Romania and how being a volunteer has broadened her minds and encouraged to follow her dream to become a famous designer in France.

Hello Cecilia! I know that you’ve just arrived to France, so it will be very easy for you to remember your life there. How could you describe your day in Romania?

In Baia Mare (a city in Romania) after the Arts high school I had been staying at home, drawing… boring (smiles). You can understand: you meet the same people at school and after the school in the city, and after 19 years this turns to ,,everybody knows everybody”. But finally, in the end of my years at school I have found that is meant to be a volunteer. This helped me a lot.

What is a volunteer in your point of view?

A volunteer is a young person who works with other young people in order to show the best examples of living socially responsible life.

Why did you decide to become a volunteer?

My younger sister invited me to take part in one contest organized by the volunteers. I was amazed how only the people in my age can organize a big event without any help of the teachers. I wanted to be a part of this process, so later I joined the D.E.I.S. It was another kind of school for me, where I could learn to be myself without a pressure in case of the mistakes.

Could you tell me more about your organization in Romania? What are their main activities?

The D.E.I.S. (the Association for Development through Education, Information and Support) creates the opportunities for the youth to express their talents and supports their initiatives. It organizes the personal development trainings, the youth exchanges, the psychological working groups and the other events.

And what exactly did you do there?

I was a part of the ¨Youth in Action¨ project, also, I was organizing festivals and the art workshops, creating posters. Everybody can come and the D.E.I.S. gives an opportunity to try. I remember, when I had come they asked me: ¨what do you want to do?¨ I had a dream to organize my fashion show, but I thought that is not possible now. Although, the members of the D.E.I.S. believed in me, even they bought me a sewing machine and the dream came true – I have organized my big fashion workshop (smiles).

What did you personally get from being a volunteer?

I developed my communication skills 100 percent (laughs). I got the better understanding in a team work, body language and even the foreign languages. By the way, I have met there a lot of my friends!

What are you doing in France now?

France! (Smiles) I came to France because of the love… Love to French fashion design and Coco Chanel; love to relaxed French life style; love to French guy who says: ¨Mademoiselle, tu est charmante¨ (laughs). Now the biggest my goal is to learn French language and to study fashion design after. I am going to find a job and stay in Nevers with my boyfriend until the next September. In the beginning Nevers seemed very boring, but later I have found some interesting things, e. g. a park near the Palais Ducal, an inspiring history of a town. By the way, a night life is not so bad, at least I go home earlier and the next day I do not spend all Sunday at my bed (laughs).

Thank you for an interesting conversation!

The photos from an archive of the D.E.I.S.

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