About Us

Ville de Nevers is both a sending and hosting organization which works very actively for the promotion of the EVS within the Erasmus+ program. The city hall in Nevers holds a Certificate of Accreditation since 2009, having helped to jump abroad to more than 17 youngsters and received 10 European volunteers from very different nationalities. As a host, Ville de Nevers has progressively implemented the European Voluntary Service in the routine of the activities held by the city hall, reaching a total of three different Long Term positions successfully working at the moment. These projects are developed in three different areas:

Discover Europe through volunteering!’
Despite the EVS has met its 20th anniversary in 2016, this one in a lifetime experience is still not as known and valued as wished. Ville the Nevers believes that the best way to talk about the program and reach an increasing interest in it is by the hand of those who experience it. This Long Term project has its basis on the idea of bringing information about the European Mobility Programs to those who have little confidence or tools to face a challenge of this type. Narrowing the distance between youth and opportunities is the priority of this position, while reinforcing certain skills such as linguistics. The volunteer has also the chance of providing counselling to the future EVS candidates helping them improving their profile through personal interviews or group activities. Help young people to enrich their lives through EVS, make the dream come true!

– ‘Let’s grow together!
shares the principles of direct interaction and multiculturalism. This project enhances the intercultural experience in schools where the volunteer has the opportunity to work as an educator with groups of children of different ages. The project tries to put the focus on the involvement of the different cultures living together in the educational atmosphere and emphasizes the great value of tolerance, empathy, and cooperation among the little ones. Through this direct work, children learn to accept and appreciate the differences as a positive asset.

– ‘Let’s build bridges!
is the youngest of the three projects held by Ville de Nevers. Working since 2016, Ville de Nevers has achieved an updated profile, becoming more accessible and attractive for the citizens. Thanks to work developed in the communications and marketing field, the organization counts now with very active profiles in the different social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and a renewed blog where articles and interviews related to intercultural experiences are gathered as well as being a platform for the volunteers to share their adventures and impressions of EVS. Photography, video editing, design and journalism are only a few of the tasks that this position offers.

As a common extra activity, all the volunteers have access to a French language course during their volunteering period and the participation in the City Hall activities as part of the team. They are also accompanied and guided in the process of adaptation to the city to make both the professional and personal adjustment smooth and satisfactory.

The projects ‘Discover Europe through volunteering!’  and ‘Let’s grow together!’  start officially in September and last between 11-12 months, to get deeply involved in the atmosphere and make the experience profitable for both the volunteer and the organization. The selection process usually takes place in January, accepting applications until the beginning of the year.

To apply, please send your CV and your motivation letter + our questionnaire filled in French or English to following address (please give the name of the position you’re interested in) : relations.internationales@ville-nevers.fr