Papa Noël a sa petite fille!

Hello everybody!
I wish you a good mood in those days of Christmas preparations!
I really enjoy those days, I like to see everything full of garlands and it makes people nicer and happier!  So it does with me! I am looking forward to have a walk through the Christmas market and to drink some hot chocolate! The month of preparation is the best moment of the entire Christmas!

But I have some interesting facts to share about Christmas in Russia! In fact we do not really celebrate Christmas and it is also not on the 24th of December but on January, 7. This day is really for people who go to the church. Other people do not pay attention for this day, even if we do not work on this day, we still do not care so much! But it doesn’t mean we do not have this magnificent moment of decoration, presents and dinner with family! For us New Year’s Eve is exactly what for you is Christmas! We have a grate evening on the 31st of December!

We have a fir-tree which is also well decorated! On the table we always have tangerines! And the children are always writing letters to Papa Noël! They write what they would like to have as a present and put the letter into a deep freezer! Yes! It is a direct post box with the North Pole! Papa Noël brings exactly what the kid asked, and sometimes he even comes himself. The fact is that he doesn’t come alone; there is his granddaughter who comes with him! Her name is Snegourotchka! Every year I played a role of Snegourotchka and went to see children with my Papa Noël and to give them presents!
In Vorkuta, my home city, on the main square there are great constructions made of snow! Usually they built a huge castle of ice and sculptures of snow! That is always beautiful and impressing!
Have nice days before Christmas! Enjoy this time as I do!

Ekaterina Boboshko,
EVS volunteer

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