We’ve heard each other

Hello, again!
Everything is still very good and I have something to share with you!
New experience is waiting for me everywhere, it is always unexpected and unforgettable! This time I took part in the radio emission and the topic for it was The First World War.

First of all we went to see people at Radio Bac FM and I was already impressed. It was my second time at the radio, and I should say that a room with microphones and relaxed DJs are becoming the specialties of any radio office for me. At that time we decided to do this emission and to talk about 1stWW from different points of view. That is really interesting as we can talk from the point of view of Romania, Russia and France.

To prepare this emission I read a lot and refreshed so well my memory about that war! And really there are so many moments, details, facts and stories which are forgotten not just by me, but in general. Our generation has never seen those heroes but we cannot pretend that their exploit and their lives mean nothing! So long time ago, but they were real, and they sacrificed their lives for us, who hardly remember the dates of that terrible war.

We had this topic at school, but it did not come clear in the mind, everything looked like an invented story and number of dates. But from now on I gave a word to myself never forget about it.
That was really interesting to work on it and, fortunately for me, we are going to repeat this experience and to involve people who can share some thoughts and views, unusual for us. We think about new radio emission with Bac FM!

EVS volunteer,
Boboshko Katia

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