interview with Daniel Hasbo , EVS in Nevers

  • What preparation/information did you give your sending organisation before you went to France? Are you still in contact with them now?

I gave them all my personal information and met with them twice for interviews and sorting out the paperwork. As for preparation I mostly did that myself, though they did give me an EVS flyer! I am sure that they could have helped my preparation more if I had asked for it. I am still in email contact with the director and I would be able to contact him about anything I might need.

  • What advice would you give for the next volunteer to participate in the sport project?

Work hard on learning French. Your time during the project will become easier and smoother as your language improves. This is really essential and by far the most important thing in my mind. It will make your job and life that much easier here. People are usually quite accepting and accommodating to you not knowing French though. I would also say

  • What are the positive and negative points of this project for you?

The positives for me are many. I get to go to a new country for free, even get paid! I get to experience a new culture and a new way of life. I knew before I went that I wanted to travel but sadly I was short on money. This project is the perfect way for me to able travel without spending essentially anything. As for the project itself I really love that it is to do with sports. I love staying active and for my job to essentially be about being active is great. This project is a great opportunity to learn French as well. You will have all the opportunity to practice your French at basically all times. 

French classes being part of my project has been an enormous help as well. You need both in my opinion to learn a new language. You need both the classroom and the real life experience. As for negatives, I do have to say that I am more of a big city person and Nevers therefore can feel a little small. This is also a good thing as it does make life here a bit cozier. Never also does have all the essential things, it is not a small village but it isn’t a big city either. All in all the positives far outweigh the negatives.

  • How is your life living with EVS roommates? Is it a help?

It is very nice for me to live with other people. It is a great way for you to really get to know people. I can imagine that living on your own would make it a bit harder to make the initial contact with new people in your new country. When living together you the contact happens naturally in a way it might not if you had to meet somewhere else. There of course some small stuff like people having different expectations in terms of housework and stuff like that but that is life. I have lived with other people before this EVS and things were different compared to now but people are different and you try to adjust. I do find it a big help in general. It makes things easier and gives you a certain base during your EVS project. If I could choose I certainly wouldn’t choose to live alone.

  • How do you feel in Nevers?

I feel good in Nevers. I like my project and I like the city. Things are getting better and better as my French improves. I keep coming back to the language because I really do think it is essential. The weather did surprise me a little bit as well; it is essentially just like Denmark during winter! Though it is not as dark as Denmark, you do see the sun a bit more here. I am also sure it will be much warmer than Denmark during the summer! Overall I am enjoying my time here in Nevers and France and I find myself enjoying it more and more as time passes here.