Two weeks of EVS in Nevers

Salut à tous! Привіт всім!

My name is Lesia, I am new EVS volunteer  in Ville de Nevers. I came from a ukrainian city called Vinnytsia. I decided to participate in EVS because it’s perfect program  for those who likes to travel, discover and test yourself in new envoriment!

I have been living in Nevers for 2 weeks today  and during this time I said a lot of «Bonjour» and «Au revoar», have eaten different pain aux pommes, pain au chocolat, pain au raisin, croissant and instantly fell in love with french food. I met a lot of people already – in the office of Ville de Nevers, in cafés, in the pubs, museum, on the concerts and especially at Langues de Chat club. They were all welcoming, some speaking in English, some just in French, but always with a smile and warm greetings.

Nevers is a «petit ville» with a beautiful  city center which consists of old cozy buildings and numerous  curved streets and paths.  Some of them are so narrow so it feels like they are hugging me, wathching me with their window-eyes and trying to speak by their door-mouths.  Inside of these streets there are different places – crowded boulangerie with shiny pastry, concert hall hidden in a stone wall, store of unique hats, book stores  and so on.

For now I am still discovering Nevers and its habitants – people, birds, streets and buildings. There are some photos I’d like to share, so enjoy!

Chocolate houses of Nevers, from the bird’s eye view

The prettiest house ever
The prettiest house from the bird sight
The Cathédral

 Merci de votre attention!