Let’s meet Netta – the new EVS volunteer in Nevers!

In the beginning of this March Netta Rozsi (26 years) exchanged her life in a Hungarian city Debrecen to the European Voluntary Service (EVS) adventure in Nevers. In Hungary she had been working in the youth association “UTON” Youth and Cultural Association for 3 years, there she had found what the international activities are, including the EVS. During her work Netta organized and participated in the numerous international “Youth in Action” projects, and now she smiles: “I came to Nevers to share all my multicultural experiences”. 

After Netta’s graduation in Communication and Media Studies she had been trying to find a job in Debrecen like every young person, but it’s a hard row to hoe nowadays! However her knowledge of the foreign languages and sociability helped Netta to find a job at “UTON” Youth and Cultural Association”.  “When I started to work, I have found all about the European opportunities. Imagine, when you spend one week discussing the sport activities in Poland and the next weekend you meet a group of youth trainers in Kosovo! It was a dream job!” – says Netta. However, asked, why did she decide to leave this dream job and come to France for her EVS project in Nevers, she answers: “I wanted to try everything I can in my life, and as you know, you can become the EVS volunteer until 30 years. Also, I wanted to change my life, and, so far then, I haven’t ever lived abroad for a longer time than 10 days. I wanted to tick it off in my list must do in my life”.

Hence, Netta came to France. Now she is the EVS volunteer in the Federation of the social centres for the Nièvre. She explains that her destination was not particularly France, but now Netta is very happy that a destiny has thrown her to Nevers. “When I came to Nevers, I told to my friends that I feel living like in a fairy tale. Here all the buildings are so old and beautiful, like from a movie. Unfortunately for the moment I am not able to speak French, but I like to listen the sounds of this language, and I hope I will soon be capable to speak with my colleagues in French”.

The young volunteer exudes enthusiasm by planning as many as possible international youth exchanges for the youngsters from Nevers, and even announces an old dream that became a plan during her EVS. Netta wants to make her own promotional short movie about the EVS! “I have many ideas, which I would like to bring from Hungary here to Nevers. I want to speak to the French youngsters and encourage them to go! To go to discover Europe and the other countries far away, because once have tried we cannot stop! My personal objective during my 9 months long EVS is to give the other young people the multicultural opportunities I have benefited in my life”.

Netta has already managed the EVS projects of the other volunteers in Debrecen, and now in Nevers she can stand in their shoes. “I understand that the EVS is not only work, but also your time after it: your beers with the new friends, your trips to the undiscovered cities, your new gastronomic adventures; all are the EVS! When I had come to Nevers, I started to create my new life here: since March I practise Aikido and gardening, I have never had a garden at home! I love to travel! I have already visited Dijon, la Bretagne, Paris. France is a very beautiful country! I advise to all grab the EVS opportunity, because it might become the experience of your life!”

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