Journée de préparation au départ – LEGTA, Nevers

On 15th of January, 2019 Mobilité Internationales visited Predeparture Trainings at LEGTA (Lycée d’Enseignement Général et Technologique Agricole) – agricultural school in Nevers.

It is not the first time the school send their students abroad for internership. Ususally it last for 4-6 weeks and the most common destination is Canada, Quebec. Also there are the projects in Italy, Switszerland, Cameroon, Denmark and other countries. This year it is the first time when the group of students together with local farmers will go to China.

From our side, we shared our experiences living abroad – me, living in Nevers for 10 month and Blane, who just arrived from Ireland to work in Ville de Nevers. We’ve also presented to students European Solidarity Corps program – the advantages of this program, requirments and details.