« Launguage assistance is a good opportunity to do a lot of things in the same time » – Susanne Müller, Switzerland

Susanne Müller, 22 – is one of the young people who come from abroad to Nevers to be a language assistant in schools. She came from small town called Eich, Switzerland. There are just 1500 people but it’s a very picturasque place – you can see  beautiful mountains on a horisont. Also there is also a big lake.

Susanne and her sister, Freiburg (Germany)

Susanne has studied in Luzern, the clothes big town to Eich. Her specialization is teaching for primary school (6-11 years old).  She came to Nevers thanks to  « Movetia » – program that gives a possability for students to go abroad to get first proffesional experience.

« First week I arrived I mostly just obsarvate the teacher’s work. Also just at the beginning I had a training for 2 days in Dijon. »

She told me that she works usually with a small groups of children, it is easier for teaching and also for kids to learn. She create different activities and presentations where she speak about her country.

« Not all the kids are that curious but I’m sure they like my classes. »

I also asked her if there are problems between people who speak different laungaes in Switzerland, but she said there are no conflicts in this terms. All official documents usually written at least in 3 languages – German, French and Italian so noone should feel excluded. There are also another official language called Romansh.

Eich, Switzerland photo by Krol:k (Wikipedia)

« I came from German speaking part of Switzerland, but me and a lot of young people speak both language. We learn it in school. »

Susanne going to stay in Nevers till the end of March so I asked her what she thinks about living here.

« In general I like it, I admit it is a bit quiet,  but maybe it’s me being not that curiois to find more places to go out. I like « Langues de Chat » – it’s a place where you can meet new people. Also I like restaurant « Ta sœur« , boulangerie « Les Gouters D’Enora ».

I have already traveled a bit in France – Montpellier, other town around like Avignon, Nimes. Also Paris, Dijon, Tour, Bourges and Strasbourg. »

« Regarding differences between France and Switzerland, there are some in culture or mentality but it’s hard to say what. It’s just small detailes like different products in the supermarket or not the same bread. Also it was quiet suprising to see all shops closed around the midday. »

I asked her what exactly motivated her to do this kind of program, so she answered that it is a good opportunity to do a lot of things in the same time – to have some year off, learn French, travel and work.

Thanks to Susanne for the interview, I wish you to spend joyfull time in France and easy find a job that please you! Good luck!