Sara Bonté – new EVS volunteer selected for the project in Austria!

Sara Bonté, 17, was born in Paris but currently living in Nevers. Sara is going to start her EVS project in September 2018 so we met with her to ask few questions about her EVS and just to know her better.

The project that Sara has been selected for called “European volunteering and solidarity in Diakoniewerk” in a small town in Austia.

Evangelisches Diakoniewerk Gallneukirchen”  is the institution which aims to help those who are not able to help themselves. Organization works with people with special needs who live in small sharing communities together (6-8 persons) as well as with people who live in our home for old people.

What are you doing currently?

I’m doing Service Civique right now in USPS, and I’m providing First Aid in the Ambulance.

How did you find out about EVS?

I heard about it from friends long time ago and I really wanted to do that. After I decided to find out more about this opportunity so I visited Mission Jenuness in Ville de Nevers. I talked with Amanda (EVS volunteer in city hall) and she explained me more about EVS and showed me the website European Youth Portal where eventually I found my project. I applied for 3 or 4 project and I got respond just from Austrian one.

Sara (on the left) and Amanda (on the right)

You were looking for the project exactly in Austria or also in other countries?

I’d like to learn German so yes, I was looking for something in Austria but also I applied for a project in Denmark.

What do you know about this organization that you are going to work for?

So, there is a house for people who need some help, younger and older people. My duty will be the animation of their free time, helping with other daily needs such as do shopping. There are also other EVS volunteers who are currently doing the same project so it must be fun also.

Why did you decided to do EVS?

I want to travel, live in new culture and practice the language.

And what about the language, how you going to deal with that?

I learned German before in school but now my level is quiet low. The organization going to provide German classes German there. And I think I will learn through communicationg with people for sure.

What is your expectation and fears from the EVS?

I hope to learn new language, meet new people, to challenge myself and to see how it is to live in new country. I don’t have “serious” fears; maybe some small ones regarding not being able to read the ingredient list on products in supermarket or not go along with current volunteers.

What is a song you would associate yourself with?

The song that describes me would be “J’aime mon Pays” by Sexy Sushi (of course, it is an ironic song!)

If you have a chance to drink coffee/tea with any person in the word (alive or lived before) – who would it be?

 I think it would be  Voltairine de Cleyre. She was an american anarcha-feminist of the 19th century who did many texts and conferences about mariage and why she thought it is a bad thing, about sexual liberation of women, civil disobedience, capitalism, religion and several other related topics. I admire this woman and I think it’s a pity that we don’t talk about her anymore.

Voltairine de Cleyre (picture is taken from Wikipedia)

We thanks Sara for pleasant conversation and wish her interesting and fun time in Austria!

Photos by Olesia Yanenko

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