Nevers à Vif 2018: ah oui!

Nevers à Vif – a festival of music that takes place in Nevers (logicaly) and it was 32d- edition. Beside music there were dance workshop and movies. In general all concerts were at Café Charbon and it’s little brother – La p’tit Charbon – temporary hall specially created for a festival. Also during “Bar à Vif” a lot of concerts were hosted by local bars and pubs.

This year I was lucky to not only attend but also help the festival as a photographer. It was not an easy task though! Dancing and taking pictures at the same time not one of the smartest things to do – but still it’s possible and I proved it.


Type of music was different – from hip-hop to garage rock. The best was the fusion of the styles – hip-hop electro, afro and rock, arabic music with electro. The last one was a bomb – just three guys (Ammar 808) – one playing on flute (or something looks like flute) other singing in arabic and DJ who conected all this – together all it melted into meditative sound and made the public burst into the dance. It was wild.

Ammar 808 Maghreb United
Ammar 808 Maghreb United

Other band that literally stole my heart is a band from Nevers, Monoxyle.


Oh my God. Two men, two guitars, two crooked pieces of wood as amulets. Sounds of guitars and voice of a singer connected in a beautiful flow and was swinging us like waves. It was shaking me with different amplitude depending on the rythm and force. Sometimes the waves of music was too strong so I was going under the water and sounds were all around me. I was jealous to myself that I can be here and listen this live. I think other people had the same thoughts – public couldn’t let the concert finish and band has been asked to play one more. Again and again.


I got a big pleasure listening each band, they were different but all the same original and real. Crazy guys from Le Villejuif Underground, irresistable Sly Johnson,   magical Ifriqiyya Électrique. Thanks to all who choosed this set of bands. People, don’t ever skip this festival next time, please.

Ifriqiyya Électrique
Le Villejuif Underground
Sly Johnson
Photos by Olesia yanenko