Maria & Teo around Nevers

After her stage Eurodyssée in Nevers and after having spent the quarantine in Spain, Maria G. came back to do a service civique. This was the perfect opportunity for us to travel around Nevers and see what the surroundings have to offer.

First weekend we went to Apremont-sur-Allier.

Le Parc Floral
Le Parc Floral

Then we went to Guédelon. Château de Guédelon is a castle currently under construction near Treigny, France. The castle is the focus of an experimental archaeology project aimed at recreating a 13th-century castle and its environment using period technique, dress, and material.

Château de Guédelon
small break

Next weekend we went to Morvan. The Morvan is a mountainous massif lying just to the west of the Côte d’Or escarpment in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

Saut de Gouloux
Saut de Gouloux
Le lac des Settons

We ended up walking around lac des Settons for about 3 hours, aprox. 15 km. Halfway through the promenade the rain started. It was a lovely Sunday.

Future visitors — don’t hesitate!

— photos — courtesy of Maria G.