“…in any case you will have great experience either it went good or tough” – Marianne

Marianne, 19 years old – a young girl from Clermont-Ferrand who dared to make her EVS in Norway for 11 month when she was just 18.

She came back on 15th of July 2018 and accepted our proposition to meet with her.

Tell me a bit how did it all started?

I wanted to take a gap year during my studies and I was looking for different possibilities. The organization from Strasburg “Visa” (Volontariat International au Service des Autres) helped me to find an EVS project in Norway.

What was your project about?

My hosting organization – “Peder Morset folkehøgskole” was a school for student who is taking a gap year and for students with disabilities. Our role there was helping students to do things like art, sport even making the bed for those who had troubles with it.

The school is surrounded by beautiful nature – forest, lake. It is quiet remote – 2 hours drive to the first city. So it is not for people who like to party =)


I lived with other 4 volunteers from Belgium, Spain, and Germany in the big house near the school. With other volunteers we became friends, travelled together and share our struggles and thoughts that we got during the work in the school.

As almost all people speak English in Norway, we didn’t feel a language barrier. Some of the students with disabilities couldn’t speak English that was a bit of a struggle. But teachers were always there and they helped us.

During the service I travelled together with a school to Italy and Latvia and with other volunteers to Oslo, Sweden, Finland.

How would you define the things that you gain during your volunteering service?

I improved my English; learn how to find decision on your own, in unknown situation. I became more self-confident, less shy and able to converse more easily. I learned empathy, how to adapt yourself to different situation. I discovered different culture by living with other volunteers, I discovered different people by working with people with disabilities. Even now, after I came back home, I am still discovering positive changes in me.

Why would you advise people to travel?

The fact is in any case you will have great experience either it went good or tough. It will change you and teach you.

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