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europe-according-to-franceHey ! My name is Merilin and I come from a little nordic country called Estonia.
Or in other words – from the “Baltic tribes”

I am a volunteer in Ville de Nevers and my mission here, for 12 months, is to communicate to the public about the actions made by youth in Nevers.


“Ducks on the table”

My project here started 1st of June. So I have spent almost two months already in Nevers. I arrived during the week, when it was raining almost 24/7 every day and the river was flooded.

Nevertheless at least the ducks seemed to enjoy it.
So of course – I had a little doubt if the rain will ever stop. And it seems to me, when summer started officially on 21st of June with Fête de la musique, the weather made 180° turn and  now it has been sunny ever since. Very amazing.
So my first week here went by really fast. New surroundings, new people, new home – all new. At first I was very nervous about my language skill. I was so nervous, that first week when I visited a grocery store, in my head I rehearsed how to speak with the cashier and when it finally was my turn I mixed it all up and instead of « Bonjour ! » I started with « Au revoir ! »…

“My feeling after mixing up French words”

But now almost two months later I can finally say « Bonjour » at the right time and in the right place. And I have gotten a bit more confident and learned that it is okay to make mistakes and people will correct you usually. I understand now definitely more than two months ago and it is very exciting to see that.
Hopefully I will start my language course in September and until then I just try to learn on my own and listen. I have few ideas how to maximize the language learning progress, so I also intend to join some different learning courses starting in September.

So the city of Nevers – for me this town, against general belief, isn’t that small. I have always felt myself better in rather smaller cities, than capitals. And Nevers in Estonia would be 6th biggest town. So it is all matter of point of view. I really love French architecture and for me it is really amazing to discover new details every day. Either I walk to work or to grocery store – I always discover something I didn’t see there before. For me it is the little things that matter the most.

My impression of people in Nevers is that everyone is very welcoming and really-really kind. People are very polite and grateful. People smile and seem to enjoy life. Really happy environment and people around me.

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French people do magic with food. At “So’ Sweet Coffee” in Nevers.
"Me at the Eiffel tower. 02/07/16 - my real birthday."
“Me at the Eiffel tower. 02/07/16 – my real birthday.”
"Capture or me and the cake. 01/07/16 I celebrated my birthday at mairie"
“Me and the cake. 01/07/16 I celebrated my birthday at mairie”
“J’ADORE. I try to go every saturday to Marché Carnot and get some good stuff. Also I love the ambiance there”
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“EVS volunteers camping trip in south of France, near Montpellier. LOOK AT THIS VIEW.”
"In Le Mans. Before arriving to Nevers"
“In Le Mans. Before arriving to Nevers”

During my time here I have travelled quite few times – Narbonne, Montpellier, Paris and Le Mans. And I absolutely love the landscape here in France and I can honestly say I saw real mountains for the first time here. For me it is unbelivable how beautiful it is here. You have everything here in France – mountains, sea, ocean, forest, amazing architecture and of course the food. One country and so much diversity. So rich in culture and history.

My life here is just starting. But I already feel I have gained so much. I am really happy and grateful for the opportunity to do my EVS here. If I could choose again my project and city, I would still choose Nevers.
Thank you people who I have met and I will meet in future. You are amazing!

This is all from me right now. I will be back soon with a new article.

À bientôt!

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  1. Lucrèce says:

    Really good article 🙂 I’m glad you like it here and I hope you will get to discover even more new awesome things 😀

    PS : that cake looks tasty *_*

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