Carnaval des écoles, Nevers 2018. PHOTOS

On 6th of April central streets of Nevers were burst with colors and kids’ laugh. More then thousand of ecole maternelle and ecole elementaire pupils were dressed with different costumes, it was hard to find even two similiar outfit that day. Princesses and superheroes. Witches and doctors. We could also see very unique costumes which represents environment protection issues and computer games.

After everyone was gathered, Carnaval has started and all kids and adults started to march through the central streets and throw confetti on each other and on people passing by. All this colorful party was accomponied by Batucada des Niévrosés, amazing group of musicians who energized all people around with the drums beat.

It was the first time when this kind of Carnaval was orginized by City Hall and gathered so much pupils at the same time and same place. It was amazing show, especially for people on the streets who could not stop smilling and enjoying this beautiful flow of colors and youth!

Batucada Les Nièvrosés