27 years old, 27 things about me

My name is Cristina and the first thing I should say is that I’m very bad at introducing myself or even at talking about myself at all. This is why I will follow the trend of making stupid lists and I will show you about me in 27 deeply interesting points. Not really.

1.I’m Spanish and no, I don’t spend the day looking forward to dancing flamenco.

2. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t. When I was in school I took dance lessons for five years (mostly sevillanas and flamenco). Don’t judge me! It’s a common activity among children in Spain.

3. Although I forgot most of what I learned, I keep feeling the music when I’m with friends in Spanish fairgrounds.

4. I love meeting people. Well, that’s why I’m here after all, right? It’s something you can realize easily, I’m normally engaging in conversations with strangers of all kinds.

5. On the other hand, I’m somehow shy, I don’t like being on the spot and prefer not being highlighted in any sense.

6. I have a University Degree in Audiovisual Communication. I started studying Journalism which was my dream job. Then I met the reality about media holdings and decided to refocus.

7. I also have a Master’s Degree in International Business Administration and Languages because being creative is very cool but doesn’t provide you a good enough job to pay your bills (actually in Spain nothing does, but… that’s a different story).

8. I’m very critical with my country. I’m also very critical with myself. I’m very critical in general.

9. I like politics but I hate people who have very strong discussions about politics, especially when they just repeat old speeches once and another without getting informed.

10. I don’t eat meat and rather don’t eat fish. No, I don’t eat chicken. No, I don’t eat Jamon Serrano (actually, this is very difficult for a Spaniard).

11. I made that decision when I was 14, so I always had a very clear idea of how I wanted my life NOT to be.

12. I make exceptions with fish. Especially with sushi. I love sushi. I loooooove sushi.

13. I try to keep healthy, so I rather don’t eat sweets or pastry or fried things or sauces or fast food or… my life is horrible, I know.

14. I love coffee, and tea, and beer, and wine. Healthy is good but there are limits.

15. I lived in Germany for almost a year doing my Erasmus. It was probably the best year of my life in regards to experiences, travels, meeting enriching people and self-development.

16. I love trying new experiences. I did bungee jumping, and I also kayaking, canyoning, rafting, snow hiking… and hopefully there are still a lot to come.

17. My next target when I have time and money is taking up climbing.

18. I come from a small natural park called ‘Cabo de Gata’ in the Southeast coast of Spain. It means many things, but especially means that I grew up next to the coast, so I love water. I love lakes, rivers, ponds… and the beach.

19. I miss the smell of salty water.

20. I have travelled to many countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Andorra (eh, that counts), Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden, Croatia, United States… and now France! But my greatest desire in life is to travel EVERYWHERE.

21. One of my dreams is to live in South America for some time. I love latin culture and food, aaand I have to take advantage of the language!

22. Part of my attraction is dancing! So I took up latin dance classes two years ago and I discovered I truly love it. Probably the thing that makes me feel best in the world.

23. My other dream is to speak fluently three languages (and here we are, making it true!)

24. I expect from this year in France to get to know the country and the culture in which my mum grew up, because my grandparents moved to Paris when she was 2 years old until she was 18 so, of course, she kept talking about it and French culture has become a part of me too.

25. Before coming to France I was an English Professor. I never thought I would be good at teaching but it turned out I was, and also I loved it! I had people of all ages and I can’t decide which students I miss the most because it’s a very gratifying job.

26. I would like to work abroad for some years. I love my country, and definitely I think the quality of life is one of the best I know, so I will want to come back to enjoy relaxing coffees at the beach and endless tapas nights with friends, but I have time for eveything.

27. Last but not least, I love making lists. Voilà!

See you around!

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